Community Engagement

Community engagement is the process of working collaboratively with community groups to address issues that impact the well-being of those groups.  Activities that help firms engage the community include credible and transparent reporting, town hall meetings and collaborative decision making.


​We work with communities' workshops in every corner of East Dunbartonshire, gaining a real insight into the challenges and good practice that takes place and how this is affecting communities and, importantly, what it is that really matters to people.


​People have deep and strong connections to the places that they come from.  They feel a sense of pride, and there is almost always an emotional engagement with the place they live.  And this is important because too often communities feel shut out of policies and decisions about the towns, city or village where they come from.


Linked to the way people feel about places, is their sense of belonging and identity.  At a time when so many places are divided and disconnected, there is a need to find ways to tell the shared stories of communities and places - to bring people of different backgrounds together and celebrate an identity that is shared.​

But at the heart of everything, our purpose is in fostering relationships and connections, and creating dialogue on the ground.  It's getting communities, organisations - and funders - to think more about connecting and partnership, working and planning for what the community needs.

Carnegie Trust have highlighted how kindness and everyday relationships are central to our well-being and should be at the heart of everything: from the way we plan our housing and frontline services, to the way that we communicate with each other.  There is equally a role for all of us - policymakers, professionals, individuals - to encourage and reconise the value of kindness and human connection in our work and community lives.

Community Planning

Local Partnerships and Networks

Community Planning is the name given to the partnership working which takes place in a local authority area to benefit local communities.  Here in East Dunbartonshire, Community Planning work with EDVA and other partnerships. 

In our capacity as the third sector interface we assist the third sector to be represented within community planning.  We also facilitate, support our network and facilitate and guide local Strategic Partnership Groups to share with, learn from and support third sector organisations in the area. The partnership groups meet 4 times per year and consist of the following:

  • Children, Young People and Families

  • Financial Inclusion 

  • Health & Wellbeing

  • Social Enterprise

  • Volunteering and Employability

A partnership group for older people is currently being developed. 

For further information:

contact      East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action

on  0141-578-6680 or email:



18  Townhead



G66 1NL


T: 0141 578 6680

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