If you are aged 12-25, you can gain certificates for your volunteering.  The Saltire Awards is a national programme, endorsed by the Scottish Government, designed to recognise the achievements of young people who take part in volunteering.  Great for your CV, and there's no cost to you or your volunteering placement provider!

There are 4 sections to the awards: 

Saltire Challenge

Saltire Approach

Saltire Ascent

Saltire Summit

Saltire Challenge: 
Volunteer in a one-off team event to get a taste of volunteering and make a difference to your community.

Saltire Approach: 

The Approach is an introduction to regular volunteering.  You can gain certificates for 10 and 25 hours of volunteering, whether it is at school, in the community or as part of a youth group.

Saltire Ascent:

The Ascent rewards your commitment to regular volunteering.  You can gain certificates for 50, 100, 200 and even 500 hours of volunteering.

Summit Award: 

The Summit Award is for an outstanding contribution to volunteering and is a nominated award.


​What Counts as Volunteering?

You can volunteer with not-for-profit organisations and charities.  These can be large national organisations or small local groups.  A lot of young people volunteer at school or college.  This could be through activities like fund-raising, buddying schemes, paired reading or environmental work.

Being part of a youth forum or council might count as volunteering, or being involved in projects in your community.  Remember - if you are not paid, don't have to do it and it benefits others - then it's volunteering!

​Why Volunteer?
You can help others - you can benefit your peer group, your local community or even the global community.  In doing so you can show everyone that young people can do something positive;


You can gain experience - whether it's for work, college or life generally!  If you are planning to choose a particular career you can find out whether you could enjoy that type of work - or not.  You can enhance your C.V.  Many careers and employers, such as teaching or social work, regard volunteering very highly.  You can get references for jobs or college.  Volunteering can help you re-train for a new career;

​You can boost your confidence and increase your self-esteem.  You can get involved in something that's close to your heart - whether it's a personal issue, or a campaign group or speaking up for others;


It's an opportunity to get out and about.  You can make new friends and meet new people you wouldn't normally meet;

You can have fun! Many young people start off volunteering for one of the reasons above but then continue with it because they enjoy it so much;


You can get recognition for your volunteering with, for example, the Saltire Awards.


​To register for Saltire Awards visit the Saltire Awards website: https://saltireawards.org.uk/


​The website allows you to log your hours, request certificates and record your volunteering experiences using the online journals.


Alternatively, ask at your volunteering placement whether they are signed up to the Saltire Awards, or contact us at East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action for more.



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