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The consists of leading third sector organisations in the area. This group aims to ensure that there is a strong voice for the sector in the area. The main purpose of the group is to:

  • Ensure the third sector is contributing, influencing and shaping the outcomes and priorities of the local public sector bodies such as the Community Planning Partnership’s Local Outcome Improvement Plan and the Health and Social Care Partnership’s Strategic Plan

  • Identify joint ways of working to contribute to, influence and shape local third sector outcomes, priorities, and/or services for communities and individuals.

  • Work both across the third sector and with the public sector, to maximise best value and mitigate duplication of service delivery

  • Create local third sector solutions to improve and empower communities and individuals within East Dunbartonshire

The Group is becoming involved in a wide range of work that includes:


  • Group representation on the two East and West Locality Planning Partnerships which are administered by the HSCP

  • Working on developing partnerships that can contribute to redesigning local services that better fit the needs of local people and communities 

  • Ensuring that the work of the Group is represented through updates and reports to the main planning and decision-making forums in the area including the Community Planning Partnership Board and the Strategic Planning Group of the HSCP. This will also include updates on challenges and issues affecting the wider third sector.

  • There has been agreement with senior officials of East Dunbartonshire Council that the Group can request meetings of council officers on various issues. 

The East Dunbartonshire Third Sector Strategic Leads Group has an important role to play in representing and connecting the sector to planning and decision-making bodies and the local community.

The Group meets every two months and is facilitated and administered by EDVA.




Working in partnership is vital to the key functions of TSIs. This includes:

  • Connecting the third sector to key local planning and decision-makers

  • Ensuing that there is a strong third sector voice locally and

  • Being a central source of intelligence about the sector.

To fulfil these functions, EDVA is actively engaged in developing partnerships to encourage collaboration working across the third sector and with the public sector in East Dunbartonshire.

EDVA actively participates and contributes a third sector voice to:

  • The Integrated Joint Board, the main governing body, of the East Dunbartonshire Health & Social Partnership (HSCP) and the Strategic Planning Group, the main planning group of the HSCP

  • The Executive Group and Board of East Dunbartonshire Community Planning Partnership

  • Working on Community Engagement and the Local Outcome Improvement Plan (LOIP) with East Dunbartonshire Community Planning Partnership

  • Participation in the Employability Action Group whose main remit is to support people to access employment

  • Representing the sector on the East Dunbartonshire Child Protection Committee as well as the Corporate Parenting Steering Group and Delivering Change for Children and Young People Local Outcome Group

  • Developing and facilitating third sector strategic partnerships, representing and advocating the voice of the sector in five key areas:

Children, Young People and Families

Skills Development, Employability and Volunteering 

Health and Wellbeing

Financial Inclusion

Social Enterprise Network

Each of these partnerships consists of local third sector organisations (including national groups based in East Dunbartonshire) that deliver services in line with the Network they are participating in and contributing to.  The partnerships meet on a quarterly basis throughout the year.

EDVA also facilitates the East Dunbartonshire Third Sector Strategic Leads Group to further ensure a strong voice for the third sector in the area. This group consists of local third sector organisations providing services in East Dunbartonshire.

For further information on the Third Sector Strategic Leads Group and other partnership based initiatives EDVA are involved with, please see the links above












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