Volunteering Changes Lives!


There are hundreds of different ways to volunteer across East Dunbartonshire and there are already thousands of volunteers doing so!  Why not join them?

People volunteer for all sorts of reasons: 

  • They may want to acquire new skills and work experience

  • Increase confidence/self-esteem

  • Gain a current reference and update their CV

  • Meet new people

  • Gain a sense of achievement

  • Reduce feelings of isolation or boredom

  • Develop new interests

  • Put talents or interests to good use

  • Most importantly, have fun!

We promote volunteering opportunities for hundreds of organisations across East Dunbartonshire.  Our range of opportunities increases and varies month to month and you can choose from many different types of voluntary work in different environments.

To find volunteer opportunities in your area please view our current opportunities here

You can do as much or as little as you like - once a month, once a week or an ad-hoc basis .  You could volunteer with one organisation or with a few, in your local community, near your place of work or from home. 

Help with Choosing:

East Dunbartonshire Voluntary Action is here to help you decide what kind of volunteering opportunity would suit you best.

We offer advice on a wide range of volunteering opportunities, details of volunteer-engaging organisations, help with practical issues such as information on travel expenses and volunteering while on benefits.

If you are new to volunteering and are unsure of what is expected, we offer a Prepare to Volunteer course.  This is ideal for those who may not have volunteered before, or for those who are waiting to be placed with an organisation.  They are short sessions which are offered at various times and locations throughout East Dunbartonshire.  If you are a volunteer or have volunteers who are interested in any of these courses, please contact us for more information

Extra Support:

For a variety of reasons some people may require a little bit of extra support to enable them to volunteer.  This may be because of low confidence or self-esteem, physical or learning disability or a number of other issues which are creating barriers to their volunteering.  In certain circumstances our staff are able to provide extra support to local people to enable them to volunteer.



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